Cadetship Program

Cadetship Program

The Consort Express Lines Deck & Engineering Scholarships provides the opportunity for aspiring young Papua New Guineans to obtain internationally recognised qualifications and ensure Job opportunities in a wide array of the Maritime industry.

Applications for this scholarship are open every year, in June.

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DECK OFFICER – A Cadet in Training

“I’d realised in school that, I needed to work and help my father put my five younger siblings through school, the other thing I’d realised even before that, was that I wanted to Captain a commercial vessel.”

Stanley Akiakia graduated at the end of 2009 from Bumayong Secondary High, in the Morobe Province. Originally, from a mixed parentage of Morobe & Madang, he was looking forward to taking he’s career further then he’d ever dreamt possible. He’d just been offered the Deck Cadetship Scholarship, through the Consort Express Lines Maritime Training Program and he was now preparing to start he’s four (4) years of studies. He’d also recently turned 19 and never left home, but the prospect of this career and all its unknown experiences made him excited.

Now 21, and looking back at he’s progress he speaks with enthusiasm and pride at the fact that in close to 2 years he’d have finally accomplished he’s Class Mate 3 Certification.

“ I started early 2010 at the Maritime College in Madang, and hit the ground running. There was a lot of work to be done before I could be eligible to go on-board a Consort Vessel. The training itself was new and exciting, we were introduced to simulators, which I found quite impressive, this enabled us to practice certain functions that would naturally occur in an actual vessel when at sea.

The theoretical work was demanding and I must admit required a lot of concentration and focus. Whilst deterring peer pressure was a challenge, I can only put it down to my passion to succeed that really kept me grounded.

It’s been 20 months, and I am now on Morobe Coast, the Consort Express Lines vessel that freights cargo back and forth through the PNG Coastlines.

My daily routine revolves around an 8 hours a day shift, which may involve, checking and maintaining the vessel’s structure, de-rusting, a process where by rolling skin and incrustations are chipped off the ship’s structure, painting when required, monitoring water levels in both fresh water and ballast water tanks, and twice a day I take reefer temperature readings and check on their functionality. I have recently been required to take on extra duties as a ”Look Out” the main function of this role, is to stay on watch and observe sea surface for movement or hard structure, and also to monitor light signals from other vessels, all of this is communicated to the Chief Officer on a regular basis.

I do all my theoretical studies on my breaks. It is very demanding, juggling full time on-the-job training and assignments, then again I enjoy it and I know I’m training to acquire international qualifications that I can take pride and ownership of. Even more, I realise the standard of this training makes me eligible to work in other areas of the Maritime Industry and that further motivates me.

I have another year to go and then I am back at the Maritime College to complete my final year and acquire my Certification.

The allowance I receive enables me to assist my father to pay for my younger sibling school fees so that’s been a big bonus, as I’ve achieved this earlier then anticipated.

This program has given me an opportunity I know I may not have received else where.

I am thankful to Consort Express Lines for this scholarship and the level to which it is offered. It has really made a difference to me and my family”