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13 Sep 2021

Dry Docking Updates – Bougainville Coast

Customer Advisories and Updates

We will be regularly updating our customers on the progress of the dry docking and any other changes that may occur during this period. Please see out latest Customer Advisory below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens during dry docking and how long will it take?
This is routine maintenance completed in accordance with regulatory requirements. Dry-docking is one of the most important activities in a vessel’s lifecycle. Every vessel is required to dry dock at least once every 5 years. The entire process will take between 8-10 weeks. We will continue to update customers on the docking progress.

Will my shipments be affected?
Most customers will see no impact to their shipments during the planned maintenance. We encourage customers to book to the first available vessel advertised on our schedule.

Where can I find the updated schedule?
Please visit our Live Schedule pages for latest updates.

Will the booking process change?
There will be no change to the bookings process.

For more information please to contact your local Agency representative.

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